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Tik Pik


The Tip Pik™ was the first of its kind and is the original because of its classic enduring design. Sometime in the early 1990’s Mr. Billiards™ thought that the tip tapping tools commonly used in billiard rooms was antiquated and needed some refinement. When the new tool was in the design phase, Mr. Billiards™ recognized that it needed to be easy to use, conveniently carried in any pocket (eliminating the bulk) and affordable. He began with a tubular brass part, added phonograph needles to it and locked it into place with some special glue. He employed a R&D team and after extensive research and countless hours of troubleshooting, he created an initial prototype. A winner soon emerged utilizing 42 precisely placed pins well known for their perforating action. This was when the world famous Tip Pik™ was born. With only a few minor refinements, the Tip Pik™ remains pretty much as you see it today. Now with hundreds of thousands of Classic Tip Pik’s in circulation throughout the world, the Tip Pik™ has become a must have pool cue accessory.


Using proper english has long been a fundamental technique used in the sport of billiards. Proper use of the Tip Pik™ increases the tip’s ability to retain chalk thereby allowing the player to employ the proper english during a shot. Use of the Tip Pik™ tool is necessary to assist in the application and retention of chalk to the tip of a cue stick. There is no better tool for this purpose! That is why the Tip Pik™ is considered “the greatest tip tool on earth”. Tip Pik Shadow Chalker
Although using the Tip Pik™ before each shot is not necessary, every player should keep a Tip Pik™ handy when needed. Ask us or your local dealer about the Tip Pik™ Classic, the Classic Key Chain, the Shadow and the very popular Shadow Chalker about the advantages of each.


The Tip Pik™ has become one of the most copied tip tools throughout the billiard industry, and although tried, copy cats have never been able to duplicate the all-around quality, convenience, simplicity and affordability of the brass Classic Tip Pik™. Relatively few modifications have occurred throughout the years, and so the Tip Pik™ remains virtually the same as its original design. Nowhere can you find the solid durability of the brass Tip Pik™. The Tip Pik™ is 100% made in the U.S.A. and each one comes with a full lifetime warranty. Ask any local dealer about the “original” classic Tip Pik™.
Scott Long

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