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Peter Vitalie One-of-a-Kind Billiard Pool Tables

A chosen few have the means to possess the rare and unique, to indulge in their fantasies, to have that which is exclusively theirs. If you are among the chosen few, indulge your fantasy with a Billiard Table designed for you and possessed by no other. Let Vitalie design you and you alone a Billiard Table that reflects your unique interest, hobby, fantasy, or unusual taste. Originals created from your whims are totally hand crafted to fulfill your desires, never to be repeated again. Like your soul they are uniquely yours, and uniquely Vitalie!

* Most tables available in 7, 8 and 9, please call 757-599-3661 for size availability! *

SPECIAL PRICING NOTE: We have contracts with our manufacturers that do not allow us to advertise the lowest price on our website, so make sure you visit our showroom where we offer additional discounts on most of our tables.