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Antique Billiard Pool Table Restoration

Antique Billiard Pool Table Restoration Project

Wow, what a beauty! Another family heirloom has made it back home. This 9' pocket style table originally manufactured around 1895 has recently been restored by George and the gang. Thank you George, a job well done!

We service pool tables in the following areas:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina (Eastern)
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland

We are happy to consider service work in other areas for larger jobs.

We accommodate all customers in all states for pool table sales.

Did you know that Long's Billiards is the only billiard table restorer in the Hampton Roads area? Calls for work like this come from Northern Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina and beyond. Antique Billiard Pool Table Restoration ProjectRestoration of antiques tables is a craft that is slowly becoming extinct because it takes hundreds of hours to complete, and quite often, rare materials are required. A billiard table overhaul is meticulous work and can take up to a year to complete. But yes, we do it all... right here in Newport News!

The costs for restoration is not cheap, but when your family heirloom needs resuscitation, call on the experts here at Long's Billiards. When you are ready just give me a call, and I will go over the details. Ask for Scott Long at 757-599-3661 or send an E-mail to Scott@Longs-Billiards.com.

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