• Sanibel


    Starting as low as $4,860

    The Sanibel features a modern design with ultra clean lines and minimalist aesthetic. Specialized hand hammered sights provide unique detailing and the new low-profile pockets keep the table incredibly sleek. The Sanibel is available in Rustic Grey, a weathered finish that showcases the wood’s natural grain and texture. Complete your Sanibel Billiard Table with the Sanibel Dining Top and the Sanibel Wall rack, each sold separately.

    - Table Size: 8ft.
    - Legs: Unique, Standard
    - Pockets: Drop Pocket
    - Cloth Colors: 14 options
    - Finish Options: Rustic Gray

    - Brunswick Certified Premium Slate
    - High Performance™ Nut Plate Construction
    - SuperSpeed® Cushion Rubber
    - Solid Hardwood Construction
    - Hand Hammered Rail Sights
    - Matching Wall Rack Sold Separately

    - Aprons: White Oak
    - Legs: White Oak
    - Rails: White Oak
    - Base Frame: Solid Hardwood

    - Size: 8'
    - Dimensions (L x W): 102" x 58"
    - Foot Leveler Center (L x W): 97" x 53"
    - Weight: 800 lbs
    - Slate Table Height: 1"
    - Framed Floor to Top of Slate: 30.3"
    - Floor to Top of Rails: 32"

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