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Championship Pool Table Cloth

3078 TITAN

We service pool tables in the following areas:

  • Virginia
  • North Carolina (Eastern)
  • District of Columbia
  • Maryland

We are happy to consider service work in other areas for larger jobs.

We accommodate all customers in all states for pool table sales.

Titan is the #1 selling billiard fabric in the industry. This 21-ounce weight fabric is available in 31 colors.

Advantages of Titan over comparable fabrics offered by our competitors include: Wider bolts (66" wide bolts give you greater yield); Minimal pilling (substantially less than that of our major competitors' comparable fabrics); Championship's exclusive active sheering process provides the smoothest playing surface possible.

Seven new bright colors (Brite Pink, Brite Gold, Brite Orange, Brite Blue, Brite White, Brite Lime and Brite Red) have recently been added to Championship's new line, Titan Brites, to give consumers the option to have the brightest colors on their table.

Championship's bolts of Titan have the fewest flaws in the industry and each includes a tape measurer allowing the user to know exactly how much fabric they have left on the roll. Titan is available in bolts, ½ bolts, yardage, or precut bed & rail sets, and is available with or without backing.

Competitively priced, Titan is the #1 fabric for either a home or commercial setting.


00 Basic Green
31 Tournament Green
32 Dark Green
38 English Green
39 Bottle Green
36 Olive
45 Golden
37 Taupe
46 Khaki
93 Brick
81 Aztec
47 Camel
43 Electric Blue
57 Euro Blue
58 Navy
85 Brite Blue
35 Red
62 Burgundy
66 Wine
55 Purple
53 Brite Gold
72 Steel Gray
75 Charcoal
77 Black
59 Brown
41 Brite Pink
90 Brite Lime
84 Brite Orange
74 Titanium
89 Brite White
91 Brite Red

Please call 866-250-9863 for availability!