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Valley-Tornado Foosball Table

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  • Reagan Foosball Table

    Reagan Foosball Table

    Starting as low as $2,199

    The new Tornado Reagan Foosball Table is perfect for your game room. It features a wooden finish, along with a 3-goalie design, professional-grade rods, patented split bearings, and urethane texture for effortless maintenance and improved ball control. Moreover, its 1.5" thick maple wood cabinet design shows off a classic look that goes well with other furniture. Additionally, its rods are with a hollow core for lighter and smoother feel, while split bearings allow for an easy slide. Its natural wood handles, on the other hand, is designed with an octagonal shape for better grip while an abacus style of scoring is present on tables both ends. Characteristic of every Tornado foosball table is their quality American-built makeup, the foot design of each miniature player (cross-hatch toe), patented game parts, and a 3/4" playing field that includes amazing graphics.


    - 1.5" Thick Heavy Duty Maplewood Cabinet
    - Patented men design with a cross hatch toe
    - Professional grade rods with a hollow core
    - Patented Split Bearings help rods slide smoothly
    - Natural solid wood handles with octagonal design
    - Dual side ball returns on each side of the table
    - Flat laminate playing surface with 3-goalie design
    - Patented urethane textured foosballs resist nicks
    - Dual abacus sliding scoring units with beads

    Dimensions and Weight

    56" L x 30" W x 36" H / 228 lbs

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